Friday, 27 October 2017

Let's Get This Ball Rolling

It's officially ball season here in college and we all know how expensive that can get when you figure out why to wear, tickets, drink, and then of course the hair and makeup. Although balls are not half as fancy as the debs it is completely understandable if you want to be a bit dressier than the typical night out.

So I'm here today to try and persuade you to do your own hair and makeup by showing you a makeup look I put together that I will be wearing at the balls I am attending as well as some products (that are all affordable may I add) that will take your makeup from everyday to ball appropriate.
The first thing that will make your makeup last all night long, and you should definitely add one to your collection, is a primer. The Catrice one is great at filling and smoothing over pores while the Flormar is perfect for a drier skin type and it's illuminating. You would be so surprised how long your makeup lasts and it also applies a lot smoother on top of a primer.
Flormar Illuminating Primer
Catrice Prime And Fine Smoothing Refiner 
On an everyday basis I would tend to wear a lighter coverage foundation or BB cream to college so when I'm thinking about makeup for a ball I would definitely use a medium to full coverage foundation. This one from Penneys is amazing as it's pale enough for me, has a great coverage, and is mineralised so it works really well with spots and acneic skin. Make sure to match your foundation to your neck so if you're wearing tan then make sure everything blends together.
Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation - 010 Light Porcelain 
PS Pro Longwear Mineralized Foundation - 00 Porcelain 
Now that you have a blank canvas it's time to move onto the eyes and add some fun and colour into your makeup, I love doing this with glitter. I love to add a bit of sparkle to a normal smoky eye or something similar to what you'd do for the usual Thursday night out. Once I have all my eyeshadow on I'l simply use a glitter or pigment on a slightly damp brush and pat it onto the centre of the eyelid. You'd be surprised how much of a difference this can make. Nyx do great glitters and Barry M have great and affordable pigments, these Collection glitter liners are great to use as they adhere to the eyelid really easily because they're in a liquid and you don't have to worry about using a damp brush and patting them on. 
Collection Glam Crystals Glitter Liner - 3 Funk
Nyx Face & Body Glitter - 09 
Barry M Dazzle Dust - Bronze 
The next thing if you get right can transform a daytime look into something perfect for a ball in seconds and this is false lashes. I personally prefer to use individual lashes because I think they're a lot easier to use but if you're a strip lash kind of gal then by all means work away with them. I use the Penneys individual lashes but use DUO glue as it is so much better and longer lasting than the glue that comes with the lashes. If you're not the best at putting them on either practice before the big night or else get a friend to put them on because they definitely take a bit of practice to get used to applying them. 
For any night out I think liquid lipsticks are so necessary because they last the whole night. The last thing you want to be worrying about is lipstick being smeared all over your face or fading weirdly especially when lots of photos will be taken during the course of the night, that's why I love liquid lipsticks. Make sure to moisturise your lips before applying one but once you put it on it stays put for the whole night and it's one last thing to worry about. 
Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream - Abu Dhabi 
Sephora Cream Lip Stain - 13
LOV Fatalmuse Liquid Matte Lipstick - Fatalnude*
If you don't own a setting spray already I highly suggest you pick one up asap because you would be surprised how long it helps your makeup to last especially on a night out or a ball. This will keep everything from sliding off your face and also eliminate the cakey look that might happen when you use a heavier coverage foundation. The only thing makeup-wise that I would put into a clutch and bring with me would be powder just because my skin tends to get very shiny but apart from that, everything else stays put. Make sure to give the spray a good shake before you use it just to make sure any powder is mixed into the liquid well. 
L'oreal Infallible Fixing Mist 
Revolution Pro Fix Setting Spray 
I of course haven't mentioned all the makeup steps but these are the main ones in my opinion that 'dress up' your makeup so to speak. Also this is all my own opinion and how I like to wear my makeup but everyone is completely different in their preferences and nothing is ever right or wrong, so you do you! 
I hope this helps anyone attending balls in the next few weeks, make sure to send me snaps of you if you're heading to any soon
Ailbhe x

 *Products marked with an asterisk have been given to me by PR or by the brand, this does not in anyway affect my opinions or reviews as they are always honest and non-biased. 


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