Friday, 3 November 2017

The A's To Your Q's

So today's post is going to be a bit of a different one and I have never done anything like it on my blog. I have done some Snapchat Q&A's in the past and ye have always seemed to like them so when I wanted to do a lifestyle type post and did a poll on Twitter ye all wanted to see a Q&A this week! It's very random, some life things, bit of a makeup and some blogging so I hope you enjoy. 

Why did you start blogging?
So I originally started because I was beginning to get into makeup, beauty and fashion and found the Youtube beauty community. I really liked what they were doing and wanted to do it myself but thought that I wouldn't have the personality or equipment to do Youtube and then I realised that blogging was a thing and decided I could manage that. I've always been the one to help people and share things so I wanted to share my opinions on the makeup I used especially when it came to makeup for fair skin and what skincare helped my skin and my outfits for others to get inspiration from and hopefully help others in that way. So they were the main things that got me started but also the blogging community seemed so friendly and supportive so that definitely encouraged me another bit to start. I never in a million years thought I'd still be doing it almost four years later as I never saw it as a long term thing and get to where I have gotten with it is fairly incredible to me. I guess it's all because I want to help people whether that's advice from my own personal experience or else what's the best concealer. 

What was your favourite jazz weekend event?
I really enjoyed going to a gig on the Friday in Crane Lane with my society and the Booka Brass Band were good in the Opera House although the crowd were a hard one but to be honest I loved being around town during the day and just hearing all the different bands around the place. I think the Jazz is a hard one to do when you're under 21 unless you go to ticketed gigs but I'll hopefully see what the Imperial is like on the Sunday night next year.

 Pineapple on pizza yay or nay?
I'm personally not a fan and could say you can't put a fruit on a pizza but then again a tomato is a fruit and that's normal to put on a pizza.

Where is your favourite place to get a scone?
If you follow my Snapchat you'd know I've become obsessed with scones (weird obsession, I know!). I don't think I have a favourite because they're all more or less the same but the raspberry scones from The Bookshelf are really nice, the ones in The Workshop are fab and in Jacques you can get really good ones. Perry Street do decent ones as well and if you're in UCC the Student Centre do the job, not a fan of the brown ones there though.  

What's your best beauty purchase? You can only pick one
I guess I'd have to say some makeup product or tool because skincare and other beauty products tend to run out quicker. I do use my Real Techniques brushes every time I do makeup but I could live without them. I'd definitely pick something high end because I always put a lot of thought into my more expensive purchases so I would nearly say my best beauty purchase is the Mac Soft & Gentle highlighter just because it is such a classic, looks gorgeous and I've had it for years and barely made a dent in it to be honest. I always tend to try something new and always go back to Mac Soft & Gentle, although it's expensive it's well worth it. An honourable mention is the Urban Decay Ultimate Basics palette because I'm always reaching for it when doing my eyes.
Photography by Clóda 
What's your favourite cocktail?
Legit anything that's sweet, I'm a fan. The raspberry mojito in Wetherspoons was my favourite but then they took it off the menu. I've had a few in Mason that were gorgeous. I really need to try Cask and the Silly Goose for cocktails, they're meant to be fab. 

Is Cork the true capital of the country?
Of course it is! But in all seriousness, as much as I love Dublin and it's great, there are so many tourists there but when you come to Cork it's mainly locals you meet. I always think that we have a great culture down here as well with our music and arts and everything in between, we aren't called the culture capital for nothing. I know I'm biased because I'm from Cork, have lived here my whole life, and go to college here but I honestly do think Cork is great, everyone says we're nice and friendly here too so that's a plus!

Do you like cappuccinos, lattes or americanos?
I'm actually not a coffee drinker or even a hot drink person at all. I'd be partial to the odd milk & white hot chocolate but legit drink them when they're warm or almost cold. I should really start getting into coffee but I'm just not a fan of that taste of it. 

Would you ever go vegan like Darragh?
If you don't know I have a twin who also has a blog (you can see it here) but no, I would definitely not be able to do it! First of all I'd miss chocolate way too much and it would be really hard to do, even though it's doable I just would not be able to do it. I need to be able to eat anything I want especially when I'm in college and need to grab something quickly when I'm hangry before a lab.

What do you do in college?
I actually get asked this question and its quite confusing to explain my course but I just say I do Biochem as that's easiest but technically it's Biological & Chemical Sciences in first year, Biological Sciences this year and in third and fourth year it's your chosen degree programme so hopefully if my results are ok it'll be Biochemistry (fingers crossed). If you're interested in biology and/or chemistry and are starting to look at college courses definitely look at this one, it's the CK402 degree in UCC. It's really broad and you don't have to make any decisions straight away so you have time to figure out what speciality you're most interested in. If you ever have any questions about it or UCC just give me a shout I'd be happy to try and help you. 

So there we have it, all the answers to ye're questions. If there is anything I didn't answer feel free to ask me in the comments below and make sure you're following me on social media so you won't miss out the next time I'm looking for questions,
Ailbhe x 


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