Friday, 8 December 2017

The Stressed College Student's Guide To Gifting

This time of year means two things: Christmas is approaching and it's exam time, and it's quite hard to fit both of those thing together. Getting into the Christmas spirit with exams looming and study being done is quite hard and sometimes presents are the last thing on your mind (unless you use Christmas shopping as a form of procrastination). Being a student for the most part means you're unemployed or have a part time job so you usually don't have a big budget for presents. With all of this in mind I'm bringing you a college student's gift guide today of presents that won't cost an arm and a leg and are quick and easy to get so you can get back to studying for exams. 
These presents are more thoughtful than anything and are more of a token, and most of this gift guide is unisex and for anyone whether it's your mom, brother, aunt or boyfriend. I always think when I'm buying someone a present 'What is something you want but don't want to buy yourself'. The first thing I aways think of are some cosy things like pyjamas, onesies, fluffy socks and slippers. Pop into Penneys and pick up a nice pair of pyjamas and pair it with some warm socks and there we go, something you would actually use and wouldn't usually want to spend your own money on. 

A very underrated present would be a nice notebook, we all love being organised but don't actually want to spend money on getting a really nice notebook from somewhere like Waterstones or TKMaxx. If someone you're buying for loves organisation or writing then this might be perfect for them. Pick up a nice pen to go with it and you're sorted. 

I personally hate spending money on body care so getting them for gifts is ideal. They have loads of little sets ranging in price in places like Boots but even to pick up a body wash and body lotion in a matching scent from Soap & Glory or Sanctuary Spa would be lovely. If you're feeling fancy, or, if the person you're treating loves baths then definitely head over to Lush to get some bath bombs or bubble bars or even one of their nice festive shower gels. If you're buying for a guy in your life you could get them a can of Lynx to go along with it or even some beard products if they have a beard or some grooming products if they don't. Lush and Boots are definitely the places to go to find some great bits and pieces. 

If someone is a tea or coffee lover than that's an easy present for them. A nice mug with some speciality coffee or nice tea inside is always an idea.  Again it's a practical gift that someone would actually use and it's thoughtful because you know what they like. Another drink-associated gift would be alcohol (if you're over 18 of course). If they have a favourite drink then get them that because again they'll use it whether it's a bottle of gin or some prosecco for them to crack open over Christmas, drink is always a good idea.
Just like drink is always a good idea, so is food. If someone you're buying for has a favourite type of chocolate and there's a limited edition Christmas version then pick that up for them. What you could also do is take some of their favourite sweets and make a bit of a care package for them. Throw in some fluffy socks or pyjamas and a movie that ye were meaning to watch together or their favourite movie they wanted to buy on DVD and you have a little personal care package for them to use on a cold Winter's night. If you're feeling fancy you could throw in a Lush bath bomb or nice body lotion or even a face mask to make it more of a pamper box. 

When buying makeup for someone it can be quite difficult knowing what they'd like because makeup is a very personal thing. I find that eyeshadow palettes are definitely your best option because the person themselves can create the makeup look instead of buying a specific colour lipstick they mightn't wear. Zoeva do great palettes that you can buy on BeautyBay or if you want something cheaper then the Penneys Custom Eyes are definitely a good call. They're customisable eyeshadow palettes that are so affordable with great pigmentation. Makeup lovers can always do with another eyeshadow palette in their lives. 

The last thing I want to talk about is something a bit more special and that is a purse or a wallet. If you re completely stuck for something to buy but do want to spend a bit more on someone then a wallet or purse would be a fab idea. You can spend as little or as much as ou want on this whether it's from New Look or TKMaxx its completely up to you and your budget. It's again something they'll use and something you don't particularly want to buy yourself.

So there we go, some Christmas gift ideas for people who have other things to be doing this time of year and Christmas present shopping isn't top priority. I hope this gave you some ideas of what to get people in your life, if you think I left anything out please let me know in the comments below,
Ailbhe x 



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