Friday, 16 February 2018

Burgers In Cork

Last year I did a 'Brunch in Cork' blogpost and it seemed to go down really well so I decided to do a similar one about my favourite places to get burgers in Cork. These are mainly burger-orientated restaurants and I've chosen for to chat about today with ye so let's start chatting all things burgers in Cork. 

Tucked away on French Church Street is Bunsen which is fairly new to Cork. I did a full blogpost on them that you can read here. It is more of a fast food place rather than a sit down restaurant. They have two burger options (hamburger or cheeseburger) and either a single or double so not the best range of flavours but a good choice of chips that you do have to buy separately which is the case with quite a few places.Their burgers itself are very tasty, the meat is fab but I'm not a fan of their buns and the fact that you can't add bacon. It's quite like Wowburger which I will be chatting about later which would nearly be my favourite out of the two. I would definitely try their branch in Dublin because that's meant to be nicer than the Cork restaurant so I will definitely need to check that out in the future. So decent burgers, good chips but not my favourite. 

Down a few doors from Bunsen is Coqbull which is a more sit down restaurant but still really affordable. They have loads of burger options with different flavours and combinations. A huge things for me is that the burgers come with chips and the meal is still very affordable. Their burgers have a gorgeous brioche style bun and they also have a fab range of different ranges that cater for everyone including chicken dishes, salads, veggie burgers and all the works. They have amazing lunch deals that I'll check out sometime soon as well as their gorgeous cocktails. Coqbull is always one of my favourite places to go in Cork, it's a sit down restaurant but still chill, the staff are fab and they always have such a good playlist on. Definitely my favourite burger sit down style restaurant. 

Son of a Bun
This is the other sit down formal restaurant that I'm chatting about. It's up on Mac Curtain Street so it's not the most central when you're in the middle of town but it's worth the little stroll out. They have great flavour combinations and some you wouldn't think of putting together yourself. You do have to buy chips separately which we all know at this stage I'm not a fan of but they are still quite affordable. Their decor is fab as well as their bar area and drinks so it's definitely one to check out.  I also have a full blogpost that you can read here. A very close second to my fav Coqbull. 

Wow Burger 
This is the most recent addition to Cork in the burger field I had it a few times in Dublin and I'm so glad they came to Cork, it's where Wagamamas used to be just next to Captain Americas. It's like Bunsen where it's more of a fast food diner type vibe. Their burgers are very customisable so they have the base of the burger (hamburger, cheeseburger or cheese and bacon burger) and then you choose what you want from the list of toppings and sauces and these aren't extra which is great. They have regular wow burgers which are huge and then mini burgers which are regular sized burgers really so I tend to go for one of them. You do have to buy chips separately but their milkshakes make up for that. It's nice and casual and you might think it's expensive for what it is but the food is so unreal that I personally think its a good price. My favourite casual dining burger experience. 

So there we have it, my two sense on burger places in Cork. I definitely need to try out the Gourmet Burger Bistro soon. If there are any other things you'd like me to do in this little series like best doughnuts in Cork or best something else let me know, I'd love to hear from ye,
Ailbhe x 



  1. Fab post, I really need to try more burger places in cork!! You're a bad influence 😂😂🙈🍔🍔

    1. Such a bad influence! We'll have to go on a burger date soon
      Ailbhe x