Friday, 9 March 2018


Sometimes life gets in the way of things, it can change your plans in all different ways with different things you're not in control of. I've had a lot of life stuff going on recently and social media hasn't been very high on my priority list so if you're wondering why the Snapchats or Instagrams haven't been up to scratch, that's why. Today I want to share some tips with ye that I've found helpful lately when life just isn't going as planned and you need to take a breather and look after yourself. I'm also sharing an outfit with ye featuring some pants that I am loving at the moment. 
The first thing I always say is to treat yourself. Even if it's a little thing like buying a bar of chocolate or having a nice shower, these things can legit do the world of good. Treating yourself is my personal favourite version of self care, even if its treating myself to a hot chicken roll for lunch (my friends will agree, its a regular occurrence). 

As I said earlier about treating yourself with the little things, make sure to enjoy the little things. If the bus arrives just as you walk up to the stop, hold onto that feeling all day. If you bump into a friend randomly, keep that smile in the back of your mind. Find joy in the little things and find happiness in the ordinary. 
Even if it's hard it's important to accept the bad times if they're bad minutes, hours or even days. Every second of every day isn't going to be bad so battle down the hatches when the minutes or hours are bad and look forward to the better and brighter times. 

Taking time out is incredibly important. If you're not feeling great and need a time out, then do that. Obviously don't skip an important lecture or a day of work but give yourself an hour to chill out or instead of studying, watch a movie. I'm not condoning skipping things you have to go to or do but when you need it, take a break from everything. 
The most important thing and the thing that I'm constantly being reminded of is to talk to someone about how you're feeling, talk to anyone. A problem shared is a problem halved and sometimes someone won't know what's going on or how you're feeling because no one can mind read and you'd be surprised, they might have some good advice to share with you. 

So there we have it, some life tips from yours truly about when you're not feeling so great. I'm going to quickly chat about my outfit because I'm obsessed with these pants (they were a treat yourself purchase)! I had an event in mind that I had to find an outfit for and I wanted to try the whole 'Gucci pants' trend for a while, I went into Bershka and they had an unreal selection of these type of trousers with all different colours and patterns. I picked up this pair that are a dark green colour with a red, black and white stripe down the side. 
Photography by Clóda
Because they are a dark green colour I decided to pair them with a simple top and of course I chose my slogan t-shirt from Topshop. I paired them with my well loved heeled black boots and my usual jewellery. These are actually really versatile and can be paired with pretty much anything whether it's casual or dressy.  

T-shirt - Topshop 
Trousers - Bershka 
Boots - Dunnes 
Watch - Vintage Gucci 
Bracelet - Alex & Ani 

I hope you enjoyed this post and it was some help to you and as my Dad always says, this too shall pass. 
Ailbhe x


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