Friday, 30 March 2018

The Red Leather Skirt

It's all well and good buying a piece of clothing for a specific event or night out when you have nothing to wear but realistically, does it get much wear after that event? Today I'm going to chat to you about styling a statement piece for an everyday basis, like this red leather skirt. 

I bought this skirt in the New Look sale last summer and have gotten loads of wear out of it recently on nights out and events but wanted to wear it on an everyday basis whether that's going to college or chilling with friends. I really want to get the wear out of it since it fits me really well and is a fab length because it's from the petite range. That's when I started to think about how to wear such a statement piece in a more casual way, it is a bright leather skirt after all! 
It is very easy to just wear all black with such a colourful piece and if you do want to do that I would suggest thinking about your textures. If you mix a few textures you will create more interest in the outfit which makes it less boring than just all black.
Layering is always an option so the statement piece isn't the main view point of the outfit, hide it a bit. Wear a jacket over a dress or pair a cardigan with a bright top. What I did in this case was layer a denim jacket over the jumper because if I was just to wear the jumper and skirt it would be very visible and in your face but by layering the jacket over it, it calms it down a small bit. 
Think simple is always the best way to go whether that be patterns or colours. I wouldn't wear a heavily patterned top with a bright leather skirt because there would be too much going on. I could wear a striped black and white top with this because it being monochrome it is keeping the colours of the outfit simple If the statement piece is sequinned let's say, go for a simple piece to pair it with like a cotton material. Balance the statement piece out with simple textures and colours. 
I always think mixing light and dark colours is always a good idea if you want to add some interest into an outfit. Like this one for example, I wore tights and black boots as usual so because the bottom was dark I made the top of the outfit a lighter colour scheme. I think it adds more interest to an outfit. 

For this outfit I had my red leather skirt on, a textured knit turtleneck with a denim jacket over it. I added my everyday simple jewellery (when do I not!) as well as some black tights and heeled pointed black boots. 
Jumper - Penneys 
Skirt - New Look 
Jacket - Vintage 
Boots - Dunnes 
Watch - Vintage Gucci 
Bracelets - Alex & Ani 

So there we have it. I hope these tips help you get some wear out of the pieces sitting in the back of your wardrobe, 
Ailbhe x


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