Friday, 6 April 2018

Netflix & Chill

We all know the dread of finishing your favourite series and thinking that starting another series will never be as good as the last. We've all spent hours trailing through Netflix or doing those 'What Should I Watch' quizzes (only me?) trying to figure out what series will be next. Today I want to share my favourites series that you might want to give a try the next time you finish your current series or else just want to procrastinate. 
Before I start I just want to say that I don't watch all of these on Netflix, most of them on steaming websites, Putlocker and LosMovies are my favourites so with or without Netflix you'll be able to watch these. 

Grey's Anatomy
This definitely has to be my all time favourite series. I started watching it 2 or 3 years ago and am now up to date so I have to wait until it's a Friday to watch the newest episode. This series is based in a hospital but isn't too blood and guts which I was afraid it would be at the start. Definitely give it some time for the characters to grow on you but at this stage I'm completely invested. It follows doctors on their day to day lives including relationships, work and so much drama. I'd be crying one minute, laughing the next and my heart in my mouth after that. If you've never given it a go before you definitely have to. I usually watch this on Putlocker but sometimes LosMovies. 

The next series is another one I've been watching for years and it's definitely full to the brim with action and a small bit of drama thrown in as well. It all started with a woman being left in Times Square with her memory wiped and covered in tattoos. I won't give anything away but it basically becomes an FBI case and the tattoos become clues to crimes and terrorists etc. Each episode is a new case which is perfect to keep things interesting. You get to follow these cases with all the action that goes along with it as well as the agents' personal lives. Definitely a good one if you're a fan of action and FBI type stuff. 

White Collar
I've only been watching this recently since I got a Netflix free trial (that has ran out and I'm devastated, I'll definitely have to get the full subscription). It's definitely less action than Blindspot but still to do with the FBI and that whole genre. It does have some action parts but more real life than Blindspot. This is a great easy watch one and again every episode has a different case but the story line flows from one episode to the next. It is definitely more law like but not as full of it like a series like Suits. 

This Is Us
I had to take a break from this one for a while because it's so emotional and my non-emotional friends will even cry at this.There's no drama or action nothing really happens only it's following the lives of triplets in the past and present day but it is such a fab series and easy to watch.  The further you go along the more involved you become with the characters and their lives. Definitely more of a slow burner than the others and not as action-packed but a good watch all the same. 

So there we have it, some series that I'm currently watching and loving at the moment. Hopefully this post will help in the future when you're in need of a new programme to watch. If there are any series you think I'd like then be sure to leave them down below, 
Ailbhe x 


  1. Nice post! I am obsessed with Greys Anatomy especially this season. Season 14 is killing it. I would recommend Stranger Things and Once Upon A Time.

    1. OMG it's amazing. I watched an episode last night and it was so intense! Oh I haven't heard about once upon a time I must give it a go, thanks gal!
      Ailbhe x