Friday, 20 April 2018

The Stressed Student’s Guide To Study Week

Now that another semester of college is over it means that unfortunately exam time is upon us. I actually think study week could be nearly worse than sitting the exams, because of the pressure from other people and what they're doing and not being in the usual routine of college. So today I'm going to share some of my tips on how to survive study week 
Be prepared for your skin to go to shit, unfortunately it's going to happen. However good your skin is, when stress hits it's the first place you can see it. Don't go piling on all the different products you have and don't go picking at it. Use a nice simple skincare routine to try and keep your skin as calm as possible and a face mask once or twice a week will do no harm. As horrible as it is and however bad you think you look, it's one thing you can't avoid. 

To help with your skin and to help everything in general, down water like it's going out of fashion. Studying all day everyday always seems to give me headaches and exhaust me so drinking as much water as possible always helps. 

Eating regular meals will also help the headache situation and try and eat somewhat healthily as in if you eat a huge share bar of chocolate make sure you have a decent dinner. Make sure to eat as well because some people will actually get so into studying that they forget and that's never good. 

It's kind of like you need to make sure you're getting the basics like food water and sleep during these stressful times. Make sure to get regular sleep at a decent time at night and get up in the morning at a usual time because otherwise your sleep routine will be out of whack for the actual exams. This obviously depends when you're most productive and what time your exams are on. If all your exams are at 9am then get up for that time every day so it won't be a shock to your system on the morning of the exam. 

Distance yourself from the drama e.g. the people who are saying "I have so much work to do" and running around like headless chickens because that will just rub off on you and that's never a good idea. For me I just avoid the library because it's so hard to get a seat and I know there will be people freaking out and then that will make me freak out. You kind of need to put yourself first in these situations and wrap yourself up in bubble wrap for a week. 

These tips can also be applied to actually doing the exams too along with:
  • Make sure you have enough pens/pencils for MCQ/calculator/ruler/whatever you need and have it packed the night before so you're not freaking out on exam day.
  • Have multiple copies of your timetable everywhere so you will always have one to go into your exam with. 
  • Don't be an idiot and make sure you're in the right exam centre and don't forget your student card. Writing a little checklist of everything you need would be a great idea if you think you'll forget something. 
  • Keep a cool head on you going in, there is bound to be people freaking out going in so keep taking deep breaths if you're like me and get freaked out easily. 
  • Read the questions and instructions properly on the exam paper. 
  •  Don't worry if you come out of an exam thinking you've completely messed it up because half the time that's your mind overthinking and you actually didn't do as bad as you think you did. 

And remember at the end of the day, yes exams are important, especially college ones when they decide your degree programme or go towards your degree, but you can only do your best and whatever mark that is if you know that you did your best work then that's the main thing.

Best of luck in your exams and hope you survive study week, 
Ailbhe x 

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