Friday, 25 May 2018

Brace Yourself

So this is my first blogpost back after a bit of a break and it's an exciting one. Brace yourself, because this will be a long blogpost because it's been a long five years. 
So just over five years ago I got braces, my teeth were legit zig zag and coming from everywhere they were an absolute mess and now I finally have them off. Today I'm going to chat to ye a little about the whole experience and some of my tips and tricks when its comes to having them. 
So I got my braces when I was 15 and in third year of secondary school. Back then I didn't take half the amount of photos I take now so I legit I don't have that many photos of me pre-braces (which is probably a blessing). My friends don't know me without braces, sher half of them I met in the last five years and the ones I've known before then can't remember me without them. 

My teeth were medically so bad that I could have gotten them done through the public healthcare system but i'd have to wait until I was 18/19 because of the waiting list so we decided to just get them sorted ourselves. I'm not going to talk specifics about where I got them done etc just for privacy reasons but if you are in the central Cork area and need a recommendation to get them done privately then feel free to send me a message and I'll give you my recommendation. 

Braces aren't as bad as you think, trust me you do get used to them. I've had elastics, springs headgear, the whole lot (my teeth were messed up). They were never extremely painful, just sometimes a bit uncomfortable but once you got used to them then everything wasn't too bad. 
Getting them on first day (although I can barely remember it was so long ago) was actually fine just kind of weird and more uncomfortable than anything. And there was nothing very bad going back for check ups. Sometimes when something new like a spring was put in it was always uncomfortable but never painful.  
A few random tips; always have lip balm and wax with you, my lips got really dry and sometimes something will be rubbing weird and wax is needed. Nurofen is really good for whenever they were uncomfortable, if you got them tightened or something new was done. Sometimes at the start I'd take some Nurofen before I went into the orthodontist just because I wasn't used to getting all the usual stuff done and found it uncomfortable. 

I would strongly advise to avoid rice just because it would legit would take me an hour to get it all out of my braces after eating it but I had no trouble with any other food. I would always eat softer food after I got them tightened and at the start I was on soft food for a while until I got used to them. But just remember everyone is completely different with what they find helps or what they didn't like eating with braces so this is just what I think personally. 

You actually think they're more obvious than they are and you probably think they look worse than they do. My friends have told me they didn't even notice them anymore. I personally avoided the bright or dark lipsticks sometimes because that would draw attention to you mouth and braces but again it's all personal preference.
I didn't mind having them, I kept thinking how nice my teeth would be in the long run but the last few months I have been very impatient with getting them off (I have a Snapchat that I sent my friends saying my braces will be off before Christmas and they were on until May).  So now that they're finally off I'm so so thrilled. 

Getting them off was definitely the most uncomfortable thing for me but they have to come off at some stage and it's uncomfortable not painful. It was almost the bar at the back I got was the worst just because you need to keep your mouth open for so long but honestly it's completely worth it and at that stage you're used to someone doing things to your teeth.

Now that they're off it feels incredibly strange and definitely needs some getting used to but I actually can't stop smiling its ridiculous. Granted, when I post this I still have bottom braces but I had this blogpost ready since about February and didn't want to wait any longer! I'll hopefully be getting them off in about 4 weeks. 

So all in all, braces aren't as scary or painful as you think and even if it takes five years to get nice teeth, it's worth it. If you're getting braces or have them and have any questions feel free to message me on social media or leave a comment below. 
Ailbhe x 



  1. Nice post! I have never had to have braces but I have heard how much of a pain they are.

    1. Thanks gal! They're more annoying than anything but you get used to them!
      Ailbhe x