Friday, 15 June 2018

Makeup For Glasses

So today I'm going to chat about makeup for glasses wearers. I've worn glasses for 8 years now but  it's only now I'm wearing makeup with glasses and have to get used to how it acts and looks differently.

Specsavers 'Vasa' glasses 
I found my glasses recently not helping and my eyes were getting really sore after study or reading  anything. I needed to get my eyes tested for my driving licence so I said I'd kill two birds with the one stone and get a check up as well. So it turned out in the end that I've been wearing the wrong glasses for the eight years and that's why my eyes got so messed up. So moral of the story, if you don't think something is right, get it checked out especially when it comes to your eyes because they're kind of necessary!

After finally picking out frames for my new lenses it was coming to the end of the year in college and had to wear them for things like concerts where I would be wearing makeup and I found they completely changed your face and the way your makeup looks so I found myself changing parts of my routine to suit this. So today I'm going to share with you how I changed my makeup for glasses. Obviously this is all personal preference there are never any rules when it comes to makeup, glasses or not.
Specsavers ''Huey' glasses 
My main concern was the makeup coming off the bridge of my nose where my glasses sit, I don't wear glasses walking around and would tend to take them off so the place they took the makeup off my nose was very obvious. How I sorted this was by using an eye primer on the bridge of my nose as that's a heavier weight than a face primer. I'd apply my foundation and concealer as normal and powder the area well and the makeup tends to stay put there.

For the rest of the skin I personally prefer going for a matte foundation because glasses give off a reflection and I tend to set my face with a powder and setting spray to help everything stay put. I usually tend to put more focus on my face especially when it comes to more dramatic makeup because the glasses emphasise my eyes already. So there's no need to make my eyes more dramatic and I usually keep them quite simple and neutral because of this.

 I do tend to make my brows a bit stronger so they're not hidden behind the frames. When I do natural makeup I don't even wear mascara or eyeliner as I usually would without glasses to make my eyes look bigger because the glasses do this themselves. I would definitely recommend wearing a waterproof mascara so it doesn't transfer onto the frames and make sure if you're wearing false lashes that they're not too long to be hitting the frames because that is quite annoying
So there we go, that's how I changed my makeup routine to suit my glasses, you'd be surprised how small changes like that can make the whole makeup and glasses wearing experience a lot easier!
Ailbhe x


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