Friday, 6 July 2018

The Pale Person's Guide To Not Being Orange

Hey guys! Today I'm going to share my top tanning tips for people with pale skin because from my experience it can be quite difficult. Bare in mind that this isn't a 'how to tan' or 'how to look like  bronzed goddess' this post is aimed at people who want to use tan but want it to look as natural as possible.  
I started using tan to add a glow and bit of colour to my skin, especially my legs that never see the light of day and are the palest of pale. Being this pale, tan is quite a tricky one to use and make it look natural, most tans would turn out a gorgeous bronze colour on normal skin tones but can make you look like caspar the ghost rolled in a bag of Doritos. So here are my tips to make your tan look as natural while still giving that glow when you're fair skinned. 

Go Light
When you wear tan and are fair it can be really obvious so the trick is go light to make it look like a sun kissed glow. I started off using gradual tans and I will still use them to add a small bit of colour to my skin. When it comes to actual tan I always use a light to medium shade and use a very small amount of product. Go for a light colour and a light hand. When you then get used to the tan and application you can afford to use more product etc but for the first times you're using tan or if you want it to look really natural then definitely go light. 

When it comes to tanning your whole body you have to make sure your face matches your neck, I don't personally tan my face so I do this with foundation. Some people can get away with just using more bronzer but I find my skin tone completely changes when I wear tan. I'm not a pink toned porcelain, I'm more of a neutral tone. I would definitely suggest picking up a new foundation to go with your tan colour and more importantly undertone to make sure everything looks seamless.  
Application Skills 
It kind of goes without saying that you should apply your tan well, whether using an instant, gradual or developing tan because mistakes are very noticeable on fair skin because there is such a difference between the skin and the tan shades. This of course all comes to practice and prep. Be sure to have a smooth base by shaving, exfoliating, and moisturising the day before you apply the tan so you don't get those little brown bumps. These are caused by the tan sinking into your open pores. Make sure you use a tanning mitt when applying and rub the tan into the skin in circular motions. I would also suggest leaving the tan sink in and dry before you put on your clothes after application.

When it comes to tans I like to use BPerfect liquid in Medium Coconut is definitely my favourite. I do like the Garnier Ambre Solaire No Streaks Bronzer, it gives a lovely colour but it stinks of that fake tan smell. When it comes to gradual tans I love the Dove Summer Revived and Garnier Summer Body. 

Maintain It Well 
As I said earlier mistakes are a lot more noticeable on fair skin because of the obvious difference, and that goes for the wear of the tan too. Make sure to keep an eye out for any patches fading faster than others because with sweat, showering, and shaving it's bound to wear a little. Definitely keep your skin nice and moisturised and I try not to shave my legs if I can to keep the tan because that strips the skin of some of the colour. I will use a scrub on any parts that are getting patchy and will apply some light gradual tan to anywhere that is fading quicker than others to keep everything looking even. 

So there we have it, my guide to not being orange, I hope you enjoyed and found this post somewhat helpful. I'm of course not saying you have to be tanned and pale skin isn't gorgeous because it is! These are just some things I find useful when I put on tan as it can be quite difficult sometimes. 
Ailbhe x 

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