Friday, 17 August 2018

Amsterdam Food Guide

During the week I posted my Amsterdam Travel Guide which I usually do after a trip, but this time it was a little different. I had to split up the food we ate over there with everything else because there was so much good food we ate that I wanted to share with you! So here we are, the amazing places we ate in Amsterdam.
Pancakes Amsterdam 
When we first arrived in Amsterdam we headed to get pancakes, they're huge over there! But the queue was ridiculous in Pancakes Amsterdam and ended up going to a different location of the chain one of the other days. They were quite expensive but they were gorgeous and kind of a must to do when you're over here is to eat some form of pancakes. The staff weren't the nicest in the location we went to which definitely did lessen our enjoyment of the food but I'm sure they're not like this in all the locations of the chain. 
La Perla 
Next was this pizza place our tour guide from the canal tour told us about, La Perla. There was a takeaway part and a sit down restaurant so we got two pizzas to share between us and ate them sitting next to the canal. I thought this was the best pizza I ever ate but found an even better one later on in the trip. Definitely a great place if you were looking for a takeaway pizza while you're there, or else wanted to sit in somewhere on that side of the city. I've linked all of the places in this blogpost so just click on their name (that's in bold) and it'll take you to their website so you can see their menu and location.
De Foodhallen 
One afternoon we headed to De Foodhallen which was definitely out a bit from the city centre but incredibly worth it. It's a covered food hall with so many different bars and restaurants so we could all have whatever type of food we wanted to. I went for a burger from The Butcher, (they actually have a few locations of restaurants around Amsterdam too). They do gorgeous burgers and chunky chips and definitely reasonably priced in comparison to what you'd pay at home. Definitely a great choice for any burger addict like myself. 
The Butcher 
I must give a quick mention to a supermarket we went to constantly over there to get water or snacks etc and it was called Albert Heijn. It's literally everywhere and really cheap too. I said I'd mention it because girls that we were talking to in the hostel didn't know about it so just in case you're going, they're really handy to pop into. 

On our final night we decided we'd love some pizza and passed a few places in the city centre to go to but I randomly went on Google Maps to see if there was anything closer to our hostel and I found a place called Il Pecorino. It was lashing raining that night and when we arrived we were told we could be waiting half an hour but we decided to stay and have a drink and not go back out in the rain to try somewhere else. After like 5 minutes the waitress came back over and said she had a table for us which was great. They were so incredibly accommodating to us, bringing us English menus when they saw we were using good translate as well as getting another chair when another friend arrived, the staff there were incredibly helpful and friendly. 
Il Pecorino 
The menu itself looked quite affordable and had so many Italian options. We all went for pizza and it was incredible like definitely the best pizza we all ever had and nothing will ever live up to it! It is a bit out of the city centre and you have to get the free ferry over (but it runs every 5 minutes 24 hours a day) but it is so incredibly worth it. 
The desserts we had were also amazing and drinks were quite cheap. Definitely going to go back when I'm in Amsterdam next, it was without a doubt the highlight of the trip food wise. 

So there we have it, the food guide to Amsterdam. I hope you enjoyed this and helps you out if you're heading to Amsterdam soon, 
Ailbhe x 


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