Friday, 24 August 2018

The Beauty Secrets

So today's blogpost idea came from my brother Darragh, he said to me one day that I should share things like how I wash my brushes and things that you haven't talked about before. I'm going to talk through 5 of my beauty secrets or products that no one really talks about that I swear by. The not so glamorous things and I guess you could say a follow on from my sticky note to get winged eyeshadow trick (if you don't know that one then you must have been living under a rock).  
The first thing which is a new addition to my beauty routine is using Baby Oil to shave. If you have sensitive skin you need to try this out ASAP. I used always use conditioner to shave then tried shave gel but it made my skin so irritated and sensitive so I switched to baby oil and have seen such a difference. You can use it anywhere and it really moisturises the skin while you're shaving. In the shower I pour out some onto the area I'm shaving just like you'd do with any other product and shave away. I sometimes put on another layer after to add some more moisture. I just picked up a huge bottle recently after trying a travel size first and my skin loves me for it.

I remember my friends discussing sweat one day and I was honestly shocked that they never heard of this deodorant. The one I'm talking about is Mitchum Anti Perspirant and when I say it works, I mean it. It's actually quite drying so I don't use it everyday but if you do have a problem with sweating you're going to love it. I personally go for the roll on and have the mini spray in my bag but the spray and stick work exactly the same. Not the most glamorous thing but definitely the best deodorant I've ever tried. 
If you follow me on Snapchat you might have seen me do this before but washing your makeup brushes is so much more important than you think. The bacteria on your brushes build up every time they touch your face so when you don't wash them there's more bacteria which leads to spots and all that jazz. I usually do it once a week and I use Baby Shampoo to wash my makeup brushes. I have a little mitt that I got from Penneys but your hands do just fine. I wet the brush, add some shampoo onto the mitt or my hand, and swirl the brush in it. Rinse it all out and lay it flat over the edge of something, I use a towel, just so it can dry back into it's original shape without having a flat edge. Make sure not to get water into where the hairs attach to the handle because that'll cause the hairs to loosen and fall out. By keeping your brushes clean you keep your face clean and the brushes last longer. 

This is definitely a well known thing, especially in Ireland but using Sudocrem for spots, well you can really use it for anything. It's a healing cream that's used for nappy rash but as it is healing it's amazing for spots. After doing my full skincare routine I apply it on my spots at night and just sleep in it and remove it in the morning. Half the time I'm going to bed with what looks like a full face of Sudocrem on but it works! In the morning my spots are reduced and slightly dried out too. You should aways have a tub of this stuff lying around for emergencies. 
I actually do my eyebrows myself, I don't know why I've just always been way too scared to let someone do them but I will eventually get them done! But when I do them I use the Eyelure Dybrow to dye them. I basically follow the instructions but leave it on for about 20 minutes to get a dark brown colour as my brows are naturally lighter than my hair. I use it every three weeks maybe because I love having dark brows and then I just tweeze any stray hairs to keep up the shape. It definitely saves on getting your brows done if you just want to tint them every now and again, but something I don't really hear a lot of people talking about. 

So there we have it, my beauty secrets or products that I use that I haven't talked about before. Do you have anything that I should try out? Let me know down in the comments, 
Ailbhe x 


  1. I didn’t know you could use baby oil to shave, I normally use coconut oil and olive oil which leaves my legs smooth af.

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