Friday, 7 September 2018

Pure Cork Bai

Today's blogpost has been a while in the pipeline because I wanted to do it well, it's what makes Cork Cork, like. I've done a few 'Best Places To Eat In Cork' blogposts but this one is a bit different, it's the Corkonians guide to Cork. I'm going to share a few of my favourite Cork places and things you should do and see as well as some great Cork food and drink thrown in too.

The first place I'm going to share is definitely the most touristy place, The English Market. Have a stroll around and see all the artisan, fresh and sometimes interesting foods around. My favourite place to stop is O'Flynns Gourmet Sausages, their sausages are so unreal. You can buy them raw to cook yourself at home in The English Market or buy a pre-cooked sausage roll. They also have a stand alone shop on Winthrop street where they do such a selection of sausage rolls. You'll see their stall at so many events and markets as well, especially up in UCC sometimes. Definitely a fab place for lunch if you want to grab something and go or else just some fast casual dining. 
The English Market 

Another college visitor that needs an honourable mention is O'Conaill Chocolate. Again you'd see their stall at different places and events but their shop is down French Church Street. They do the best hot chocolate ever as well as some fab bars of chocolate, perfect for any sweet tooth.

Something that I love doing with my friends is get Lennox's which is a traditional takeaway on the top of Barrack Street and eat it at The Lough which is only a few minutes away. Doing a lap around The Lough is always a lovely thing to do and escape from the bustle of town even if it means making friends with some geese on the way. It's really close to UCC as well so you might as well call up there while you're at it. 
The Lough 

Some more college favourites that I haven't included but are honourable mentions are Wednesday trad nights at The Rock which is on college road as well as the usual Monday quiz night in An BrĂ³g on Oliver Plunkett Street. Another place that is lovely to go during the week is Costigans which is on Washington Street. They have live music Monday-Thursday and they have such an amazing range of gins and has a lovely cosy atmosphere. 
Patrick's Hill 
At the complete other side of the city is the amazing view from Patrick's Hill which has been loved for years but was made famous by The Young Offenders. If you walk straight up Patrick's Street and keep going up the hill (stop at a shop on the way to pick up some Tanora) and when you get to the very top you'll see this park on the left hand side. You can see everything from the Cathedral to Shandon Bells so it's definitely worth the trek up the hill. Just to make it even more 'Cark' have some Tanora while you're enjoying the view. If you don't know what it is it's a soft drink that started in Cork that's lovely and fruity, very sweet but goes lovely as a mixer for Jameson (who's distillery is out in Midelton Co.Cork).  
Fran Well 
You''l probably need some food and drinks after the trek up Patrick's Hill, you should call into the Fran Well which is on the same side of the city, just come down Patrick's Hill and turn right at the river, just follow the river and you'll get to Fran Well. They're a gorgeous pub that brew their own beer that you'll see in pubs all over Cork (their Rebel Red is a personal favourite) and they do tours of their brewery everyday. If that doesn't tickle your fancy why don't relax in their beer garden and have a gorgeous pizza, it's my go to place for a pizza and a pint. 

I hope this guide to Cork was helpful whether you're visiting soon or you're a fellow Corkonian and wanted to discover some more amazing gems in the real capitol.
Ailbhe x


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