Friday, 28 September 2018

The Red Brunette X Plant Powered Human

Today's post has actually been a while in the pipeline so I'm delighted that I am finally sharing it with ye, it's a collab with Darragh. If you don't know who he is then you mustn't know me at all but he's my twin brother who also happens to have a blog where he shares food, lifestyle and music.
We've been wanting to do a collab for a long time but couldn't figure out what to share on both of our blogs that are still true to the topics that we share but the other is interested in too. 

After weeks of planning and discussing we finally figured it out. I'm sharing 3 of our typical college outfits on The Red Brunette that cover most generic college days and over on Plant Powered Human we're showing you 3 outfits that feature vintage and older clothes in our wardrobes giving you tips on how to get more wear out of your clothes which in turn helps the environment. So two fashion posts that have one common topic but are definitely very different, kind of like us to be honest, loads in common but we're like chalk and cheese half the time! 

The Everyday
T-shirt - Dunnes 
Hoodie - Penneys
Jacket & Jeans - Asos
Shoes - Nike 

First outfits are kind of self explanatory, the type of thing you'd wear to college on the daily whether you have a lecture or two or a full day, comfy and casual.
 Darragh went for a layered look because layers are the way to go in college, you're roasted in one lecture hall one minute and freezing outside in the next so it's a happy medium. He went for a striped red t-shirt under a khaki jumper and a dark grey denim jacket to top it all off and comfy pair of jeans and runners because the amount of walking you do everyday is ridiculous. 
I based my outfit around these checked pair of trousers that are so incredibly comfy with a basic black t-shirt. I wanted to keep things simple as the pants were a bit of a statement. Again I went for a solid pair of shoes that are comfortable to walk in and layered a denim jacket on top. 
T-shirt - Penneys 
Trousers - River Island 
Jacket - Vintage 
Shoes - Vans 

The Smart Casual
Shirt - Topman 
Jacket - Bershka
Jeans - Asos
Boots - Doc Martens 

Some days in college you either have to go to a meeting or a society event or are going for drinks straight after your lecture so that's where the smart casual outfit comes in. Something you can wear during your college day and suits the slightly dressier occasion too, or else you just want to dress up for a random Wednesday for the craic. 
Black jeans and a denim jacket are always a good pairing and that's what Darragh has gone for. His shirt is a rich navy colour which slightly clashes with the black but works really well as a whole with the denim jacket paired on top. He tied it all together with his pair of black Docs.
I went for a skirt but dressed it down a little by wearing a graphic tee. I paired a rust coloured coat with the outfit to compliment the warm tones of the leopard skirt. Leopard is everywhere at the moment so getting a piece that you can dress up and down is always a good idea. To bring the look together I wore a pair of basic black pointed boots.  
T-shirt - River Island 
Skirt & Coat - Penneys 
Boots - Dunnes 

The Hungover/ The Library
Hoodie - Penneys 
T-shirt (worn underneath) - Rapanui
Jeans - Topman 
Shoes & Bag - Toms 

The last outfit we decided to share was the closest thing to your pyjamas when you're dying a death on a Friday or stuck in the library all day. The trick is soft and warm fabrics when you want to wear a tracksuit but still look somewhat put together. Darragh went for a muted orange hoodie with a grey t-shirt underneath and some straight blue jeans and paired it with some black Toms. 
Keeping on the blue jeans theme I wore some high waisted blue jeans that are incredibly stretchy along with a comfortable grey sweatshirt tucked inside. I threw on some Puma runners and my glasses because when do I not have them on around college. Both outfits are completed with a large cup of coffee in hand. 
Jumper - Amsterdam 
Jeans - River Island 
Shoes - Puma 

Darragh's part of the collab is going to be up this Sunday at 7:30pm so you can click here to give it a read. I hope you enjoyed seeing our different college outfits, 
Ailbhe x 



  1. A Collab, such a good idea. I feel like I am normally dressed in the Hungover category now. Not complaining as it's comfy.

    1. Ahaha yah comfort is the only way to go sometimes!
      Ailbhe x